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  フォーミユラBOINC 2019 競争の掟

掟 : 深夜「UTC」で,12月31日競争の終わり。FB点を授与するための条件。最終チーム順位表。

  1. All points listed on the website are a close estimate for that time period. The "Official" final standings will only be announced after a definitive validation is done on 12/31 23:59 UTC.
  2. To give any points, the project must award at least 2,000,000 credits in the current calendar year (January 1 to December 31).
  3. If two or more teams have the same number of FB points at the end of the year, their ranking will be decided by the number of projects for which they received FB points. Then if still tie on this number, we shall count the number of 1st places, and if tie again, then, count the number of 2nd places, and so on...


Gamma^Ray の作文 「BoincSynergy」 - Otax の訳書 「L'Alliance Francophone 「AF」」 フォーミユラBOINCについて


  1. 安定した生産 - Completed all levels of initial testing, and processing "Live" work.
  2. べータ - Majority of "Bugs" solved and open to more users than Alpha to join.
  3. アルファ - First stage of any project. Limited users allowed due to the "Bugs" in the software.
  4. 大文字テスト- Used for testing updates before going Fully Operational

  1. 安定した生産プロジェクト 「自動的フォーミユラBOINCに追加」.

Fully available for users to participate in.

  1. べータ 「自動的フォーミユラBOINCに追加」

Majority of "Bugs" solved and open to more users to join

  1. アルファプロジェクト (Possible adding under conditions to Formula Boinc : see "Rules" ).

Alpha is usually the first stage of a project that is just getting off the ground. Being that most of the projects are started by different people or groups or colleges. Many have to learn to details of starting up a BOINC project themselves, And how to fine tune it. Thus making the Alpha projects the most unstable and with the highest amount of errors for the users to deal with. This is also the reasoning behind why they usually only allow a certain number of users that have abit more experience into these projects at first, So they can give the project administrators feed back on what errors they have found while testing.

  1. 大文字テストプロジェクト 「フォーミユラBOINCに追加されません」.

Permanent Testing section are project's that mostly based on a full operational project of the same name. Their function is one of testing update's and other project side software before it is then sent to the Fully Operational side for implimentation. Pirates@home is the one project that has always been listed as a Permanent Testing project without the addition of a Fully Operational side to it.

These projects may or may not have work to send out at any time, And also aren't always accepting new users all the time.