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Checkered flagSeason 2012 Results Checkered flag




International L'Alliance Francophone722
Germany SETI.Germany633
Czech Republic Czech National Team403
International Sicituradastra.395
International BOINC Synergy257
Poland BOINC@Poland248
Germany Planet 3DNow!197
Poland Polish National Team150
10 Norway Team Norway133
11 International Ars Technica124
12 Taiwan Boinc@Taiwan119
13 Netherlands Dutch Power Cows118
14 United States USA81
15  The Knights Who Say Ni!71
16 International XtremeSystems70
17 International Team Musketeers64
18 International AMD Users62
19 Italy BOINC.Italy54
20 Russia Crystal Dream54
20=Germany utg54
20=Russia Russia Team54
23 Russia Russia53
24 International BOINCstats52
25 Spain CANAL@Boinc48
26 International Intel Corporation46
27 International Free-DC44
28 Germany Rechenkraft.net42
29 China Team China42
30 Australia BOINC@AUSTRALIA41
31 Canada Canada41
32 International The Zeitgeist Movement40
33  Team 2ch38
34 Korea, South SETIKAH@KOREA36
35 International Overclock.net34
36 Germany BOINC@Heidelberg29
37 None GPU Users Group28
38 International TeAm AnandTech27
38=Netherlands SETI@Netherlands27
40 Russia TSC! Russia26
41 Taiwan NCTULab51125
41=United States UH IT HPC25
41=International jesterKing Crunchers25
41=None IBM25
41=Belgium BOINC.BE25
46 Germany CrunchingBaseTeam23
47 Canada Hardware Canucks20
48 Germany Team20
49 Ukraine Ukraine19
50 United Kingdom UK BOINC Team18
51 International Astronomy.Ru Forum18
51=United States Henkelman Group18
51=Taiwan Academia Sinica Grid Computing18
51=Germany Uni Erlangen18
51=United States Einstein@UMass18
51=International University of Louisville18
51=International Phoenix Rising18
58 United States [H]ard|OCP17
59  Dinslaken15
59=International Charity Team15
59=United States California State U. Fullerton Physics Dept.15
59=Spain Islas Canarias-Canary Islands15
63 Czech Republic LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic14
63=United Kingdom OcUK - Overclockers UK14
65 Germany Wetter-Board12
66  Nordlichter12
66=United States College of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences12
66=Germany Einstein at work12
66=Germany blend.polis12
66=None Marist College12
71 None Sony VAIO Team10
71=Germany Gigo10
71=International Electronic Sports League (ESL)10
71=United States University of Miami10
75 Japan TEAM orita9
76 France France8
77  Vegans International8
77=Spain SICUZ8
77=United States PALM Team8
77=Taiwan TaiwanRoc8
77=None Easynews8
77=Hungary Hungary8
83 International overclockers.com7
84 International Team Starfire World BOINC6
85 Russia IRNOK6
85=Germany TUD6
85=United States SUGWG6
85=Germany Tramuntana6
85=FRANCE Decrypthon6
85=United States PacificNorthwest6
85=Hungary Infobanya6
85=United Kingdom Boinc UK6
85=Czech Republic Prazdrojland6
85=United Kingdom Scotland6
85=International The Final Front Ear6
96 International Keep The Fire Alive!5
97 Spain Knet & Eniac4
97=Russia St.Petersburg4
97=SPAIN Bankinter4
97=United States AnySpeak.org4
97=France yAronet4
97=Canada Carleton University4
97=United States US NAVY4
97=International Team ACC - Arthur C Clarke Fans4
97=Austria boinc.at4
106 Lithuania VGTU2
106=China CAS@University2
106=Germany [GER] Sachsen2
106=None Binghamton University Cares2
106=Guadeloupe D M A2
106=Argentina Argentina2
112=Germany Piratenpartei Deutschland1
112=Spain TitanesDC1
112=Spain Galicia1
112=International UserFriendly.org1
112=UNITED STATES Rochester Institute of Technology1
112=United States Team USA1
112=Switzerland SwissTeam.NET1
112=International Picard1

Season 2012 Official Podium

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