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Checkered flagSeason 2010 Results Checkered flag




International L'Alliance Francophone288
Germany SETI.Germany215
United States SETI.USA176
Czech Republic Czech National Team116
Germany Planet 3DNow!101
International BOINCstats63
6=Poland BOINC@Poland63
International Sicituradastra.58
International Ars Technica48
10 International BOINC Synergy46
10=Germany utg46
12 Norway Team Norway33
13 Japan Team 2ch32
14 Russia Russia24
15 Germany Rechenkraft.net20
16 International Electronic Sports League (ESL)19
16=United States US NAVY19
16=International XtremeSystems19
19 United States UH IT HPC18
20 United States USA15
21 Canada Canada14
21=International Free-DC14
21=Belgium BOINC.BE14
21=Netherlands Dutch Power Cows14
25 Italy BOINC.Italy12
25=United Kingdom UK BOINC Team12
25=China Team China12
28 Russia Russia Team11
28=Spain CANAL@Boinc11
30 United States Henkelman Group10
30=International SeriousCrunchers10
30=Germany Einstein at work10
30=International BOINC 4 Africa10
30=International KIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology10
30=United States College of Chemical & Life Sciences UMD10
30=International Phoenix Rising10
30=Russia TSC! Russia10
38=International AMD Users9
40 International Team Musketeers8
40=Netherlands SETI@Netherlands8
40=Ukraine Ukraine8
40=United States LIGO Laboratory at Caltech8
40=Germany Germany | Hessen -> Freerainbowtables8
40=United States University of Washington8
40=International Team ACC - Arthur C Clarke Fans8
47 International Team Starfire World BOINC7
48 International The Knights Who Say Ni!6
48=International PBToyz6
48=Portugal BOINC iberia6
48=International The team of fans the 3DO game console6
48=International GPU Users Group6
48=Poland Hackers Group6
48=United States University of Texas at Dallas6
48=None Easynews6
56 FRANCE Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted5
56=Germany BOINC@Heidelberg5
56=Japan BOINC@MIXI5
56=Russia kvt.kurskstu5
56=Germany Albert-Einstein-Institut Hannover (AEI)5
56=None MakeCuresHappen5
56=Russia NumbaCrushers5
56=Denmark FreeRainbowTables.com5
56=United States California State U. Fullerton Physics Dept.5
56=Germany Crunching Family5
66 International TeAm AnandTech4
66=Poland Polish National Team4
66=Spain TitanesDC4
66=Hungary Hungarian National Team4
66=Germany sigfm-ger4
66=Germany Uni Erlangen4
66=None Marist College4
66=Ukraine BOINC@Ukraine4
66=Germany CrunchingBaseTeam4
75 Japan Protein structural analysis room Japan3
75=Spain Bankinter3
75=Hungary Infobanya3
75=International PrimeSearchTeam3
75=United States PacificNorthwest3
75=International X Grubbers Kick Ass3
81 Slovakia BOINC.SK2
81=FRANCE Decrypthon2
81=Hungary LPDS2
81=None Netherlands2
81=United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology2
81=International Guru Mountain2
81=International Cruncher Junkies2
81=International PC Perspective Killer Frogs2
81=Switzerland SwissTeam.NET2
90 Germany Piratenpartei Deutschland1
90=Germany Wetter-Board1
90=United States Einstein@UW-Madison1
90=Spain Galicia1
90=Slovenia Slovenia1
90=International IBM1
90=Austria boinc.at1
90=United Kingdom OcUK - Overclockers UK1

Season 2010 Official Podium

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Bronze Medal