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Checkered flagErgebnisse Saison 2009 Checkered flag




Germany SETI.Germany322
International L'Alliance Francophone300
United States SETI.USA267
International BOINCstats118
International BOINC Synergy99
Germany Planet 3DNow!96
International Ars Technica95
Czech Republic Czech National Team83
International Electronic Sports League (ESL)57
10 Poland BOINC@Poland45
11 Japan Team 2ch39
11=International Free-DC39
13 Australia BOINC@AUSTRALIA31
14 Canada Canada29
15 Ukraine Ukraine27
16 Russia Russia24
17 Norway Team Norway23
18 Germany utg22
19 Austria boinc.at21
20 International PC Perspective Killer Frogs20
21 Belgium BOINC.BE19
21=International XtremeSystems19
23 Spain CANAL@Boinc17
24 Switzerland SwissTeam.NET16
25 Netherlands Dutch Power Cows15
25=Germany Crunchers@Freiburg15
27 United States AMD Users14
28 Germany Musikagentur con-Takt13
29 International The Knights Who Say Ni!12
30 CYPRUS neu-innova11
30=Germany Rechenkraft.net11
30=United Kingdom The Scottish Boinc Team11
33 France yAronet10
33=Chile Unidad de Servicios Informaticos10
33=International BOINC 4 Africa10
33=United States University of Washington10
33=International The Clangers10
33=Germany Einstein at work10
40 Finland BOINC@Laurea8
40=Germany blend.polis8
40=International PrimeSearchTeam8
40=Denmark FreeRainbowTables.com8
40=International Kriptopolis8
40=International Easynews8
40=International Phoenix Rising8
40=United States LIGO Laboratory at Caltech8
48 Italy BOINC.Italy7
48=Slovakia BOINC.SK7
48=International Team Starfire World BOINC7
51 Taiwan AlexWang6
51=Hungary Hungarian National Team6
51=Belgium COSIC, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven6
51=Netherlands SETI@Netherlands6
51=Russia TSC! Russia6
51=International TeAm AnandTech6
51=International Sicituradastra.6
51=United Kingdom UK BOINC Team6
59 France Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted5
59=Greece Thessaloniki (sw2hui)5
59=United States PBToyz5
59=Belgium Vlaanderen5
59=Japan BOINC@MIXI5
59=None MakeCuresHappen5
59=Russia Russia Team5
59=International Zirconia5
59=United States USA5
59=United Kingdom Team England (Boinc)5
69 Czech Republic Space Family4
69=International jesterKing Crunchers4
69=International IBM4
69=Austria Fair-Crunchers@Austria4
69=Germany Germany4
69=International Linux Users Everywhere4
69=International Charity Team4
69=Japan Protein structural analysis room Japan4
69=United States College of Chemical & Life Sciences UMD4
69=International Guru Mountain4
69=International Intel Corporation4
69=International The Planetary Society4
69=International Crunching Family4
69=UNITED STATES overclockers.com4
69=International Team ACC - Arthur C Clarke Fans4
84 None Smiley3
84=Spain SICUZ3
84=United States Marist College3
84=Australia australia3
84=Hungary Infobanya3
84=Ukraine BOINC@Ukraine3
84=International Teddies3
91 Germany SaR Hessen2
91=United States Project Development2
91=International Allprojectstats.com2
91=Finland Suomen Silakat2
91=Germany BOINC@Heidelberg2
91=United States US NAVY2
91=Hungary ELTE2
91=International The Greenies2
91=Sweden Sweden2
91=Germany Uni Erlangen2
91=FRANCE Decrypthon2
91=Germany CrunchingBaseTeam2
103 International Picard1
103=Spain TitanesDC1
103=United States ticalc.org1
103=Germany Wetter-Board1
103=International Cruncher Junkies1
103=United Kingdom Boinc UK1
103=Taiwan Boinc@Taiwan1
103=United States Team SunStorm1
103=Canada QUBO1
103=United States FOSTER CLAN1
103=United States University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Computer Labs)1
103=International For Dennis Peters aka DogBytes1
103=International KIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology1

Season 2009 Official Podium