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Sprint project: Leiden

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I don't think Leiden should be qualified as project anymore; and not choosen as sprint for this year. simple I can't create my own account as they refuse to accept and not provide any admin contact to resolve. I think there are better managed project worth our attention and efforts.
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Re: Sprint project: Leiden

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Yes, it's a pity that this was chosen as a Sprint project. I am getting "Account creation disabled" both on the website and the BOINC client.
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Re: Sprint project: Leiden

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While I agree with the general post that Leiden should not be included on any future sprints (due to the project admins inability to provide invitation codes or tasks even), there is still no reason why your machines should be idle, while waiting for work.

I recently discovered that if you set some projects to "0%" for their "Resource share" (via your own Project Preferences on each projects websites), then when your "main" project runs out of work, any project set to 0% is regarded as a "back-up" project and hence it will receive ONE task (per CPU core), for your PC to crunch. This will continue until such time that your "main" project has tasks available.

In this case, Leiden won't accept 0% as its resource share, but it can be set at 1%.

If it continues to have no work, then the back-up project continues to receive work.

So, your PC need never be idle as it can still be doing some crunching whilst waiting for work from your preferred project (whether that is on a Sprint or any other type of crunchathon).

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