Team Ukraine wins the Formula Boinc first Sprint #1

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Team Ukraine wins the Formula Boinc first Sprint #1

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Formula Boinc held its first sprint of 2022 this weekend.
03/17/2022 20:00 (UTC) - 03/20/2022 19:59 (UTC) - SRBase
XS post link - ... 1#msg95861

Team Ukraine took 1st over the 3 day event marking DC support for Ukraine by many members.
This was not expected but the community has shown its support in a big way for Team Ukraine (DC) members plus trying to raise awareness of the tragedy going on in the Ukraine by the Russian army invading/making war on the people of Ukraine.

***This is only one way to show support for Ukraine, but this represents the DC community's support with our computers.
This is a personal decision and not the only one that the DC community is showing.

SV (XtremeSystems)

Final Sprint Numbers

Lint to Sprint Results -

Final Sprint Numbers for "Overall" "Marathon" "Sprint"

Link to All FB Results -

Team Ukraine Members - Sprint1

Link to Members -

Some of us jumped on to the
321-LLR: World Water Day Challenge (2022-03-21 03:21:00 to 2022-03-26 03:21:00)
For Team Ukraine

Here's the latest results...

321-LLR: World Water Day Challenge Latest Results -

Link to team members - ... eam_id=343

Link to event -

Thanks for looking!
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