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show some respect please

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:55 pm
by boincmeister
LADIES !!! Show a little respect please; if not for each other, at least show some respect for the folks at Formula Boinc who have devised this rather excellent system to add some interest to the cruncher's year.

A visitor to these forums - as have been myself for some time before joining - will read various accusations and is likely to come to the conclusion that cheating within FB is rife. Simple answer is that it is impossible. If anyone knows differently, please tell me now and I will take no further part in any competitions.

What makes FB interesting are the tactics. Legal tactics. Foremost of these tactics has to be bunkering; very well understood by most teams but not, self evidently by the Boinc.BE spokesperson. Your meticulous calculations, sir, all suffer from one fatal flaw i.e. you have the time period BADLY wrong. Many people have tried to tell you this (including some you attack so venomously now) so I don't truly expect you to believe me either.

Changing teams is also legal and personally I hope that rule doesn't change. If your team doesn't want outside help (they can only ever add to your credits), then simply close off membership. Sorted.

Like many others, I became involved with Boinc to utilise spare hardware capacity for the benefit of the greater good. The competitive element is fun and addictive but the mud-slinging part is neither. Can we please get back to where the only worrying part is the electricity bill.