TaaT starting to build FB clone, Just an FYI

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TaaT starting to build FB clone, Just an FYI

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Hi, this kinda caught me by surprise.

But anyway, take a look...

FYI if anyone cares, but I ran across this searching for FS items:


And then saw this while browsing it about an alternative to FB lol:


This kinda disturbed me. it's what we (SC) should be doing.

So far I've come up with;

Marathons that run for the entire year. These marathons will be broken up into 4 segments of 3 months. Every 3 months, the standings are final and those points are permanent until the next year. If the project goes away, for whatever reason, it gives the ability for a new project to be added in without disrupting the total number of points possible in a calendar year. I intend to have sprints scheduled at the end of each 3 months to keep teams from having the resources to bump unaffiliated teams above competitors as well as keep projects that can't handle high loads from getting hammered every 3 months for teams to gain points. (Basically, trying to prevent Wanless December 2020 incident)

Sprints, these will be the same as Formula-BOINC. 3 days long. However, instead of having a 1 day announcement prior to the Sprint it'll start immediately. To overcome time zones there will be personal notifications that can be sent individually via text message or email. (Other options are possible, just don't know of any other two besides them right now) Sprints will be randomly selected by the server. Those sprints will be eligible by a strict list that will be maintained by all captains of each team that participates. Sprints will happen every month, all year long. Anywhere between 2 - 3 sprints per month.

Test run sprints; These sprints will be for new projects to stress test their hardware and networking infrastructure to see if it's capable of handling a sprint. There will be set points for this run that every team that participates in receives. For example. If the points end up being 5 points, then every team that participates in this will receive 5 points. This is an incentive for participation, but should the project buckle and it ends up being cancelled teams will still be rewarded points based on participation.

Participation; Each year teams will have to sign up to participate. I am undecided on whether or not individuals need to sign up for participation as well. I'm leaning towards yes. Or whether or not they're locked into a specific team for the year. If they'll be allowed to switch teams mid-year. Each team will be required to have 1 representative (team captain) that helps maintain the list of sprint projects. That list, will be public knowledge, but the sprint will not be known by anyone until it's announced, including, but not limited to myself or any administrator, moderator or captain.
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