Sprints in 2019

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Re: Sprints in 2019

Post by systemviper »

The next release of the Gridcoin wallet will no longer require one to be a member of Team Gridcoin to get paid GRC. There are several teams already included in the test.

THIS SHOULD SEAL THE DEAL, it's a company, it's only reason to exist is to make money, let them do that.

now you can make money but not be on the gridcoin team, so it's time to get rid of that COMPANY
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Re: Sprints in 2019

Post by bluestang »

Well, hopefully people will pull their collective heads out of the arses and boot them off any of these competitions. But they definitely need to be out of Formula BOINC!

Please remove Gridcoin from FB. Thank you.
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Re: Sprints in 2019

Post by biodoc »

Is there a list of the "whitelisted" teams somewhere? You could make the argument they've agreed to join the Gridcoin company.