GERASIM problems

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GERASIM problems

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Gerasim is in list. OK
But not eligible for sprint. OK
But since a few days, they send WU who are always in error ( ODLS..., and wu_wu_70......)
OK, if they have problem.
But the biggest proble is that the forum of Gerasim (english) forward always to
And this latest is only in Russian !!!
Also the "masked link" are in russion. I mean the link who become visible when you move with mouse on the link.
So impossible to understand !!!

There are problems but if you not read Russian, impossible to understand something !!!

The "WWW" is english base language. China project publishes chinese, but ALSO in english !!!

I suggest to remove the project. Stats are correct. It is not the problem
Not because the project on itself, but because very bad managment.

Look my signature, I am not a ghost, or you want.....
Look the first Belgian team and when is created !!! ... amid=30539

Kind regards from Belgium
Only to, and for science research.