Team registration for 2022

To register your team, you must choose a project and give the team id. A private message will be sent to the team founder.
The team founder will have to confirm the registration by following the link in the private message

Choose project
Project :
Team registration status
AMD Users Registered
BOINC Synergy Registered
BOINC.BE Registered
BOINC.Italy Registered
BOINC@Austria Registered
Boinc@Stadthagen Waiting for private message
Canada Registered
Crunching@EVGA Registered
Crystal Dream Registered
Czech National Team Registered
Dutch Power Cows Registered
GPU Users Group Waiting for private message
Gridcoin Denied
Hardware Canucks Registered
L'Alliance Francophone Registered
LinusTechTips_Team Registered
LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic Registered Team Registered
ODLK1 Denied Registered
Planet 3DNow! Registered Registered
Russia Team Registered
SETI.Germany Registered
TeAm AnandTech Registered
Team Art Bell Waiting for team founder confirmation
The Knights Who Say Ni! Waiting for private message
The Scottish Boinc Team Registered
TSC! Russia Registered
UK BOINC Team Registered
Ukraine Registered
Universidad San Jorge (USJ) Registered