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Projects list

Post by sebastien »

Here is projects list for FB 2018:
  • Asteroids@home
  • Atlas@home Merged with LHC
  • BURP
  • CAS@home
  • Citizen Science Grid
  • Climate Prediction
  • Collatz conjecture
  • Cosmology@home
  • DENIS@home
  • Einstein@home
  • Enigma@home
  • FiND@home Inactive in 2017
  • Gerasim@home
  • GoofyxGrid@home NCI
  • GPUGrid
  • Lattice Project
  • Leiden Classical
  • LHC@home
  • Milkyway@home
  • MindModeling@home beta
  • Moo! Wrapper
  • NFS@home
  • NumberFields@home
  • PrimeGrid
  • [stike]Quake Catcher Network[/strike] abandoned project
  • Radioactive@home
  • RNA World
  • Rosetta@home
  • SAT@Home ended project
  • Seti@home
  • SRBase
  • Sztaki Desktop Grid
  • The dDM-Project
  • theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
  • TN-Grid
  • Universe@Home
  • VGTU@home
  • Wanless Mersenne +2
  • World Community Grid
  • Yafu
  • Yoyo@home

  • Acoustics@home
  • Amicable Numbers
  • DrugDiscovery@home
  • ODLK
  • ODLK1
  • Rake Search
  • Stop@home
Please post here any comments about list.
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Re: Projects list

Post by Skillz »

Leiden Classical needs to be removed. I believe they are ending in 2018.

Primaboinca only allows account creation via an invite code and getting that code is rather difficult.
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Re: Projects list

Post by ubt - mikee »


Not sure Goofygrid should be included if WUProp isn't.
Cas@home has not sent any WUs for months.
According to BoincStats Lattice has been retired.
RNA World is so sporadic as to be unusable for FormulaBoinc.

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Re: Projects list

Post by UBT - Timbo »


I have to agree with some of the comments already made, and I suggest removing the following from the proposed list:

CAS hasn't issued tasks for some time :-(

DENIS had issues in 2017 and still has no new until they are generating work, there's no point including them - they say maybe "January or February 2018"....but who knows?

GoofyGrid NCI is not suitable as it is an NCI task and doesn't actually benefit any real science - so it's only a numbers game and whichever team has the most CPU's will win - also it cannot be chosen for a Sprint for the same reason. (And as ubt - mikee said, if Goofy is "allowed" then so should WUProp...)

Lattice has been offline since May 2017

Radioactive - requires extra hardware which is not freely available

RNA has little if any work so if one choose this project, you could end up with PC's wasting energy, waiting for tasks, which hardly ever arrive.

Wanless is a Linux only project - so it is self-limiting who can earn credits from it

I agree with removing FiND, QCN, and SAT and merging Atlas with LHC.

re: Sprints

Please also consider advising specific project admins (confidentially) and well in advance when you are choosing them for a sometimes it is possible that there can be "planned downtime" or "bandwidth constraints" if they cannot plan in advance for a huge increase in demand for tasks from them. If they cannot accommodate this demand, then please have a "back-up" project in place so our crunching time is not wasted.

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Re: Projects list

Post by Woodles »


I agree with all previous the comments plus:

CAS last issued work in April.
Climate Prediction report their results infrequently, suitable for a marathon but not a sprint.
Goofy is far too easy to spoof, it will run in as many Boinc instances as you care to launch allowing a single host to generate hundreds of thousands of credits a day.
Leiden will finish generating work "somewhere in 2018".
LHC is mainly VM based, it has a native application but it's difficult to get work for it.
Primaboinca needs an invitaion code.
Radioactive needs specialist hardware that isn't generally available. Also, work is limited.
RNA only has 129 taks available, all of which are already allocated and can take several YEARS to process.
Sztaki hasn't been heard from for a couple of weeks and has poor project support. It may not come back.
The owner of dDM has admitted in the past that their server is temperamental (and is in fact, offline at the moment)
Universe generates work for scientists when they want it. Consequently, work is intermittent and limited.

Consequently, I would definitly strike CAS, Goofy, Leiden, Primaboinca, Radioactive and RNA and re-evaluate Sztaki, dDM and Universe.

I would also agree with the suggestion of warning project admins before a sprint is announced, a couple of the later sprints have been characterised by hosts being idle while waiting for work to become available. I'm not sure a backup sprint project would work though, changing projects mid sprint would be problematic and lead to arguments between users that crunched the two projects in different amounts.

On the positive side, I like the choice of new projects :)

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Re: Projects list

Post by Coleslaw »

I see no problems leaving NCI projects. My vote is to allow them as long as they are active and crediting regularly.
WEP-M+2 in my opinion is a waste of resources. However, being anti-Windows (admitted by admin) isn't enough to disqualify the project neither. Anyone can easily set up Linux virtual machines to run work on it.
The other removals mentioned above I agree with. I would also suggest coming up with a mechanism for dealing with projects that end mid year. I have asked for this to be fixed for several years now. It isn't fun when there are teams that get to squat on points the entire year due to a project ending/merging/etc... Perhaps using a monthly point reward system to reward those that can maintain their position year long. That way people have less of a cushion to come back and take their points back later. This will require them to maintain their standings at all times.

XANSONS for COD - I am skeptical at adding this one as they seem to run out of work periodically and isn't always clear if they are adding more later or possibly ending the project.
Leiden also keeps closing account creation. So, is not fit for a challenge in my opinion even if they did provide proper amounts of work.
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Re: Projects list

Post by bcavnaugh »

No Tasks for a long time now; (Some Started Strong then Died Out)
Sztaki Desktop Grid
Climate Prediction
Lattice Project
RNA World
The dDM-Project

None Productive Project (Time to Drop It)
GoofyxGrid@home NCI

Where is WUProp@Home?
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Re: Projects list

Post by phoenicis »

bcavnaugh wrote: Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:17 pm No Tasks for a long time now; (Some Started Strong then Died Out)
Sztaki Desktop Grid
Climate Prediction
Lattice Project
RNA World
The dDM-Project

None Productive Project (Time to Drop It)
GoofyxGrid@home NCI

Where is WUProp@Home?
I agree with the sentiment but Climate Prediction, Drugdiscovery and The dDM-Project have all issued work this month. I've run tasks from the latter two within the last day or so.

I agree with most of the comments on the thread thus far. I don't think we should be supporting projects that don't want/need our help. Mainly based on lack of work and/or the prospect of project termination during the year, my view on exclusion from FB 2018 would be:

Leiden Classical
Sztaki Desktop Grid
Lattice Project
RNA World
Quake Catcher Network
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Re: Projects list

Post by Bryan »

Leiden no longer allows new account creation. It will end sometime in 2018.

PrimaBoinca requires a invitation code that can not be found.

Xansons only allows account creation if you know someone who already has an account that will give you the invitation code. No new teams. The work is primarily finished but they will release a very small amount every 1-2 months.

Lattice is retired
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Re: Projects list

Post by ChristianVirtual »

BURP is to unreliable for me since three month or so. For a while no new WU was issued and recently quite a number of WU return are invalid or inconclusive which makes all the effort spend on the finishing of WU meaningless / pointless. What I read they are working on a solution but until then I would suggest to suspend them; or at least not put them in any sprint.
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